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Dell's New WD19 Thunderbolt/USB-C Docks Should Be Playing Nicely On Linux

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    I currently have the WD 16 - and it is a extremely annoying noisy box, ie the fan spins up and down all the time. It is hardly bearable.

    The Dell support (via Twitter, via email, via Barton George, via purchase contact, via Hotline and via community forums) did not give any help - except do a firmware upgrade, but with no instruction how that would be possible running Ubuntu.

    Could anybody who already owns or was able to test the WD 19 confirm it is really silent?


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      Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
      USB-C was designed to address the weakness of the micro-B connectors. But as that Google engineer discovered, not all USB-C connectors are made equal.
      The main point remains. Breaking a old-school docking port is on a whole another level than breaking a USB-C connector.

      The real replacement for docking ports is going to be the WiGig (wireless, short range high bandwith), not USB-C


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        I recently bought a Thunderbolt Dock from Akitio, the Thunder 3 dock pro. Works very well with Linux, 10 GBit/s Ethernet via Aquantia, plugging and unplugging. I haven't tested the displayport yet (only have HDMI at home).


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          I'll probably get one too


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            If WD19 has working USB (which TB16 does not - it corrupts the data during high speed transfers), I'll buy one.