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Dell XPS 13 9380 + Intel Core i7 8565U Ubuntu Linux Performance Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by cynical View Post
    It’s incredible how much things continue to improve in a few short years. I hope it continues somewhat longer. It would be great to see some competition from AMD in the thin and light space.

    I’m using a broadwell-era HP Spectre x360, and it’s still fantastic and gets me great battery life.
    Well I have an HP ENVY with the AMD Ryzen chip and have to say performance isn’t an issue. It has taken far too long to get fully supportted and bugs remain but if you overlook those issues this is a great little laptop.

    My my personal opinion is that having four cores and a good GPU have more todo with apparent performance than single core performance. At least it does considering the way I use the machine. I seldom have to deal with GUI lag or outright stalls like I see on my laptop at work.


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      Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
      While this laptop may not be on the same league of a Dell XPS, it will show how much you loose on the Macbook Air clones:

      Easy of maintenance, upgrades, not a single adapter needed on this puppy (unless you have USB type C only peripherals), cool temps, etc.

      Of course, people too sensitive to aesthetics will try to burn it, for not to be as thin as a piece of paper.
      Replaceable and large battery!!! I thought that was not a thing anymore but apparently I'm wrong. That's awesome!

      If they removed that 2.5" SATA SSD taking up 25% of the space, replaced that with a even larger battery, added USB-C charging and made smaller bezels that would be an awesome device.

      Also, except for that battery pack in the back it's actually quite thin. Maybe not compared to the new MacBooks, but thin enough.


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        the lack of mouse buttons puts me off, I definitely want three proper mouse buttons.

        I know the fashion is for super-slim laptops (which have thermal throttling), so I would like them to make them a little thicker, giving better battery life, less throttling, and a proper ethernet socket. I know the latest wifi standards are pretty quick, but i work in many environments where you have to use a cable and wifi has to be disabled.
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