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It's Becoming Possible To Run Linux Distributions On The HP/ASUS/Lenovo ARM Laptops

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    Originally posted by misGnomer View Post
    Among the recent FOSDEM news was a preview of one ARM SOC vendor's planned big brother to the $99 Pinebook ARM netbook with target being 14' 1080p / 4gb / 64gb plus an NVMe slot.

    Although the company was based in China (PRC) with the potential issues involved, they did seem genuinely supportive of open source and if the laptop (using RK3399 IIRC) has practical mainline kernel support it could become relatively popular if they hit the hoped $200 target.

    I don't know what distro they might preload or what bootloader/manager it uses, but if it runs Debian then the door is open.
    Details of the Pinebook pro is here. Its 199 not 99.

    Being pine64 something normally uboot.

    Yes the work will allow the allwinner 99 dollar pinebook and the rockchip 199 dollar pinebook pro to have exact the same boot images.

    I would suspect something Ubuntu related again as default with selection of other distributions latter as images include something from debian family..


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      Originally posted by pracedru View Post

      There has to be demand for it to happen. And if we buy Windows laptops and install Linux, then the producers of laptops have no idea the market exists. So... Please by your next Linux laptop from System76/Purism/Entroware etc.
      Just registered to say thank you for this. I hadn't heard of System76, but their Galago Pro looks like just what I want: matt IPS screen, full size arrow keys, page up/down on the right edge. And normal F keys. Looks like it even takes a secondary drive. Love it! Now, for my Yoga 700 to need replacing....