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Purism Announces New Laptops Based On 7th Gen Intel CPUs, 4K Option

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    Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post

    But doesn't Purism already take shortcuts to that regard with Intel ME? As I understand, they still ship laptops with it, but they rely on the HAP bit to "disable" it.
    Sure, there are still lots of problems for intel platforms.
    Purism is clearly doing the best they can, and a perfect solution won't be there for a long time.

    Originally posted by Vassili View Post
    There are AMD Chromebooks on the way, based on Piledriver architecture I think. So maybe it is a start of something new.
    This is indeed the case, Google is one of those huge customers who can still order Coreboot support at AMD.
    Unfortunately, the Excavator-based Stoney Ridge (and older) processors are nowhere near Zen in performance or efficiency (making them truly terrible laptop CPUs), which means even the previous generation Purism laptops based on Intels 6th gen Core processors will be far better machines (double the runtime at double the performance).

    Still, it is a great achievement of Google to push AMD to deliver Coreboot support to this platform, and we can hope, that they will do so for Raven Ridge as well, which would actually be a usable platform today.
    Right now there are no signs for this, and AMD still refuses to make AGESA blobs available for anything but the stuff Google has specifically paid for.


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      Would love a Purism laptop, but $1500 for a laptop with a 13" 1080p screen, an i5 with 8GB, 128GB SATA3 ssd and a ISO keyboard is too expensive.
      I'd pay a premium for a more libre laptop, but double the price is too much for me.


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        I'm holding out for that one day that there'll be an AMD Purism laptop, or just AMD Coreboot support. (like the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U)