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Purism Still Working On Librem 5 Developer Kits, Delayed To December

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    Originally posted by Serafean View Post
    Yeah, but with Apollo, they were learning...
    And you think these people aren't learning anything here? Because these people are pulling together a whole lot of hardware they've never previously worked with meaning that there will inevitably be screw-ups and multiple board revisions. The i.Mx8 SoC is so new they were still working out serious silicon bugs in the spring, that's the reason why even the manufacturer reference boards didn't ship out in any kind of volume until early summer.

    Let's also not forget that when you do board revisions during development, which you inevitably will in a project like this, you're either going to have to wait a long time due to small volume orders being a low priority for PCB fabricators or then pay a significant premium to get your development revisions produced in a timely fashion. The earth orbital and circumlunar Apollo launches in this instance are the inevitable board revisions they're going to have to go trough.
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