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Purism Shares The Latest Librem 5 Smartphone Progress - Dev Kits Going Out Soon

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    Originally posted by Spazturtle View Post

    You joke but 'Boot To Gecko' (Firefox OS, now KaiOS) is fast becoming the 2nd largest mobile OS in the 3rd world having overtaken iOS.
    iOs and 3rd world is a very weird match... 🙄


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      Originally posted by lectrode View Post
      I applaud the Purism devs for their steady progress on this. I'd much rather wait a while longer for a phone done right than get a partially complete phone on-time. As long as they keep going like this, I believe they will succeed where others have failed.
      Let's hope so. We don't want yet another Openmoko-like failed company...


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        Originally posted by lilos View Post
        Perfect work !! I wish them risc-v phone in the future !
        But that's going to take a long time, I think, 'cause last time I looked at a RISC-V board picture, which was quite recently, it was waaaaay too big to fit in a phone form factor.