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ASUS Begins Offering Linux-Based Endless OS On Select Laptops

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    I love Asus, after 6 years my UX31E is still working like a charm. It only ever had Ubuntu installed on it. The SSD was dead after 9 months, they changed it freely even if it was running Ubuntu (it was in 2012). So I personally don't need more support than that. The only thing I'm asking is, please don't make me pay for a Windows license. Provide a computer without anything installed, or with a free OS, but don't ask me to send you back the computer so you can remove something I don't want.


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      Originally posted by Leopard View Post

      1-) Yes ,i did. I was told they recommend Windows 10 Pro instead of it.

      2-) You can check the page.

      Look at the top right.
      This "recommendation" is nothing if they distribute laptop with Linux. Did you say that you want to get support for the OS they distributing laptop with?


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        Originally posted by Hi-Angel View Post
        How do you know — did you try contacting them? What was the case, and what they replied?
        Afaik Dell does the same for their Ubuntu LTS installations on their laptops.

        Customer support is very dumb stuff for dumb people, like how to open network and configure a static IP and such. I kinda understand that they don't want to spend money to train their cheap indian workers for another OS too.


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          Originally posted by Hi-Angel View Post
          This "recommendation" is nothing if they distribute laptop with Linux. Did you say that you want to get support for the OS they distributing laptop with?
          They distribute their laptops ( which also is the case for FX553VD ) with Windows installed or EndlessOS installed because , laptops of them going through country markets either their official channels or third party resellers.

          Laptops you find on a physicial tech market are Windows only , however laptops you buy from internet or third party sellers are coming with EndlessOS mostly.

          Because they offer Windows 10 N versions , which means single language ( country language ) included Windows 10's.

          So TL DR ; that is just a workaround because of their Windows licenses , with EndlessOS you don't need to care for language yet you can offer somewhat functional laptop to users at first sight.


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            Why on earth would your big splashy screenshot be of Xandros instead of EndlessOS?


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              Originally posted by MeissnerEffect View Post

              That's a funny way to spell Arch
              * OpenSUSE Tumbleweed


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                Originally posted by Cerberus View Post
                Asus do not waste time with EndlessOS, if you want to be taken seriously as a Linux vendor get in touch with Canonical, certify and preinstall Ubuntu LTS on your fine ultrabooks such as Zenbook and Zenbook Pro lines. I like Asus in general, reliable and usually easy to dissasemble, their laptops tend to be highly compatible with Linux anyway but it would be nice to see Zenbooks preinstalled with Ubuntu LTS.
                Asus always wastes their time with small Linux's. Remember Xandros on the Asus Eee PC's?


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                  Originally posted by kpedersen View Post

                  You are kidding right? The average computer user doesn't give a damn about having the very latest version of i.e XCalc.
                  You're right, they don't care. That's why Microsoft and Google (Android) need to stop pushing their frequent app updates through their app stores.


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                    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

                    Debian derivatives are a waste of human resources and ubuntu is from dummies to dummies. Modern computers and computing requires a rolling release distribution and Debian testing/sid is the best.
                    Two obtuse.


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                      All this talk about what should be installed and if Ubuntu is a good distro or not is ignoring one very big reality, namely that Ubuntu has by far the best hardware compatibility of any distro currently available. I like Manjaro and Solus and have used them in a few systems I have but the sad truth is that Ubuntu is the only distro I have found that works flawlessly with the audio chipset on the motherboards I have tried Linux with. Fedora, Manjaro, Solus, OpenSuse, et al, all have problems, such as garbled audio, static, popping during start up and shutdown (Fedora is the worst with regards to audio popping), to the point where the distos are for all intents useless.

                      Yet Ubuntu, on the exact same hardware, works sans any problem.