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Dell's Thunderbolt TB16 Dock Can Work With Linux & Drive Dual 4K Displays

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    Originally posted by M@GOid View Post

    Dude, asjasondclinton said, that probably is a battery problem. Just take it to a shop to have it verified. You do not want that thing to explode, even less while you are near to it.
    Lithium batteries don't explode, they burst into flames. They won't kill you on their own, but they will likely start a fire.


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      Originally posted by Ananace View Post
      I'd personally love to see a Thunderbolt dock that includes a discrete GPU though, that'd be really useful for me as well.
      There are several of those, and they are called external GPU enclosures. Take a look at for more info.


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        Originally posted by Beraqqu View Post
        jasondclinton & GOid

        Thank you for your replies. I opened my laptop and indeed the battery is swollen (surprise surprise, what else could it be?). Removing the battery resolved the deformity, but it doesn't power on without it.

        I looked into it furter and there are numerous reports of this problem. Since I've no warranty anymore I ordered a replacement.

        I was being lazy about an issue that could have severe implications.
        Also check with Dell to see if there is a recall on your model. It may have a defect in other part and that cause the damage on the battery.