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Jolla's Sailfish 2.2 Rolls Out With Fingerprint Unlock, Emoji Keyboard Support

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    Originally posted by 89c51 View Post

    like you are going to use it.
    I actually do, and will jump ship to the Dragonbox Pyra as soon as I can get my hands on one.
    Jolla doing badly in major markets is bad news, worse news still is doing badly in their actual market.
    You know, us.
    I have bought 2 Jolla devices, back when what they had for sale could support the bigger company. Now that they are smaller, my money is a good as anyone else's still, and in short supply.

    So Jolla, make no mistake, and make good on your promises. It is not 2013 anymore, and a non-free UI stack doesn't cut it.
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      Upgraded and the camera/gallery had new functions that seems pretty good
      It's good to still see progress on Sailfish OS.
      The finger print unlock didn't work to well for me, i need to hammer the button for it to unlock and my thumb on the other hand wasn't read at all.
      To be fair my fingerprints are pretty vague and it didn't work very well with android on the same device.


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        One bug that's fixed is the battery drain when running or leaving an android app open, battery time is way better with this upgrade.


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          Originally posted by ahjolinna View Post

          there is an community build for it, okay it hasn't been updated after 2.0.2 : source

          all the community ports status can be checked here : link
          you can also ask from#sailfishos-porters channel on Freenode for more information
          Umm, the latest version available for nexus 5 is


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            Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
            You probably know it already, but the electronic compass is a chip and requires a specific protocol and driver to be operated.
            The point that I was trying to make (and which was lost on you) is that this really should be a downright trivial fix to do. How complicated can it be to use a millennia old navigational tool?
            "Why should I want to make anything up? Life's bad enough as it is without wanting to invent any more of it."


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              Is there any sandboxing and permission system for the Android apps yet? Last time I looked it didn't exist and that is probably a No-Go for many people. (Partial) OpenSource can't shine if it is less secure to use than proprietary solutions.