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System76 Begins Rolling Out The New Oryx Pro With Coffeelake CPU + NVIDIA Graphics

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    I would buy one, if I can get a international keyboard.


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      AMD support please. If not Ryzen at least for GPU.


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        Does AMD have something like Optimus? Seeing as how the iGPU and the discreet would both by AMD in such a case, it would probably work better. Ie, we could have FreeSync, etc.

        I've been going with System76 since 2008 now. I've had 4 laptops from them now... I've already pre-ordered their latest Oryx Pro, which will be my 5th.

        I also bought a laptop from them for my wife.. So I've bought 6 laptops from System76 and I'd like to start seeing some AMD options from them myself.

        While I tend to buy Nvidia because I need a fully operational machine, I think AMD is really getting there from the GPU side, and definitely is on the CPU side (if they can get the power efficiency there).

        In the past I think it made sense to go with Nvidia because the AMD drivers were in such flux. Where your experience could vary depending on your distribution, where you might need to add some external bleeding edge repository where things might break, etc. This was not an acceptable end user experience. Not all of their customers are SRE's with computer science degrees.

        However, it sounds like we've reached an acceptable user experience or close to it. I'm sure the AMD users on this forum can confirm or deny.

        Maybe they could start on their low end systems (which currently use Intel for graphics).


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          Originally posted by hiryu View Post
          Does AMD have something like Optimus?