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UBPorts' Ubuntu Touch Ported To The Moto G 2014

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  • UBPorts' Ubuntu Touch Ported To The Moto G 2014

    Phoronix: UBPorts' Ubuntu Touch Ported To The Moto G 2014

    If you happen to have laying around a Moto G Gen 2 (Moto G 2014) device, it can have a second-life now running UBPorts' Ubuntu Touch software stack...

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    Convergence will be a little difficult without MHL/HDMI. But when I get a new phone I'll definitely give it a go


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      Someone wanting to give a second life to the moto g 2014 could use LineageOS, I've been using it as my daily driver on my moto g 2014 and it has been running silky smooth. It also supports the data partition formatted in f2fs which is a huge help in keeping the device responsive, ext4 and slow flash do not mix well.


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        Originally posted by phoronix View Post
        and 2G/3D connectivity with some models supporting 4G LTE.


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          That device still has a first life.


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            Originally posted by InsideJob View Post
            Android 8 and iOS 11 are arm64 only so wasting time making Linux run on old 32-bit arm phones is pure genius. People will be flocking over in droves now... 😋
            it is a community port, so it does not waste resources as it is most likely done by someone who wouldn't be able to contribute as much to any current devices.

            Sure, it is not very forward-thinking, but neither is it a big problem, since it's not the UBports project that's wasting their resources.