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Inner Worlds - QEMU (Woody 2.2)

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  • Inner Worlds - QEMU (Woody 2.2)


    I would like to inform you that you can run IW on QEMU:


    "Woody 2.2 segfaults as well. I'll get back to that eventually.

    Ftm, I'm concentrating on packaging the game to run on a stripped down pre-installed Debian Bo (with svgalib) hard drive image under QEMU as this provides the maximum options for running cross-platform/architecture and minimal proprietary entanglements (iw becomes the only proprietary entanglement). This lets anyone play with the GNU/Linux version and expands potential sources for help with open-iw. The two parts of course cannot be 'shipped' together as that would violate Debian's licensing (iw package separate from the Debian package). But I can make a script to add end-user acquired local iw-linux files to a local copy of the Debian hard drive image.

    BTW, QEMU runs Bo+iw too fast with no jerkiness. I'm using -cpu 486 -icount 1 to slow QEMU to proper speed.

    The native files in an iso (easy to load to virtual machines):

    WARNING. This is very ugly. Ugly design, ugly code, ugly size, ugly speed, ugly inefficiency. And I don't think all the features work. But it does let one play the game; the game works perfectly once installed and run. It requires QEMU full system emulation binaries (qemu-system-x86).
    Hard drive image and scripts to mount the iso, copy the files, and run the game"