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Steam 2017 Winter Sale Gets Underway

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    They're never going to stop making StreamLink and supporting SteamOS, even if they are not massively popular.

    On first sight, it might, it might not make that much sense given the miniature user base (See: the recent surge of users of (pirated) Windows 7 once PlayerUnknown Battleground hit China).

    But steam *needs* that these exist as a against MIcrosoft toying with the idea of an exclusive Microsoft-only app store in Windows.


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      Originally posted by Brisse View Post

      Played it a lot a few months ago on Ubuntu-GNOME 17.04 and later Ubuntu 17.10 and it ran very well. I don't remember having any problems.
      It does run well in machines with sensibly configured distributions. But when you have a custom "I don't know what the hell I'm doing" kernel, problems are bound to occur.


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        Picked up Soma, The Talos Principle and HoI IV.


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          Originally posted by ssorgatem View Post
          That huge Steam Link reduction reeks of a Steam Link 2.0 (4K?) planned for release in the near future.
          It reeks of the fact that they are not planning to profit much if at all from the Steam Link itself, but they are sure that it will help them sell more games (which is their core businness).

          Having a Steam Link at 4k is nonsense, as to stream games at 4k you need a really badass gaming rig, AND an expensive TV, pretty much everyone into 4k gaming is not leaving his gaming rig and FreeSync/Gsync gaming monitor for a crappy TV.

          Also most games that are targeted by the steam Link are console-like stuff you play on the couch with a controller and friends, which can't even go 2k on most cases.

          And Steam Link hardware is very unremarkable, the device itself is pretty cheap. I doubt they paid more than 30$ apiece to the factory.
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            Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

            What a great game, works only with uhbuntu and nv gpus.
            The Nvidia R9 Fury you mean?

            I get what you are saying though. Gaming experience on Linux can vary widely depending on what system one has and what distro one is using. That's not helping Linux gain any users. Perhaps Ikey's Linux Steam Integration Snap can help with these kinds of issues.