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Wine 3.0 Still Expected Around EOY With D3D11; Wayland & D3D12 On Roadmap

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    oiaohm Good to know this from person affiliated with Wine, thank You for explain.


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      Originally posted by duby229 View Post
      You're just so wrong, and what makes it shameful and retarded is the position you have. A simulator tries to recreate a bit exact environment, wine doesn't that, it translates from one API's format into another API's format to emulate the former API's environment. That's exactly what it is whether you ever admit it or not. You're own damn links that you posted talk about this, you should consider trying to comprehend them. A simulated environment strives to be bit exact. Where-as an emulated environment strives to be compatible without being bit exact and that's exactly what wine does to the letter. Simulation and emulation is -NOT- the same thing. Wine is -NOT- a simulator it's an emulator..
      The computing world dictionary for software there is no such thing as a simulator. You are attempt to use general english defines.

      Simulation is a mathematical construct. Software Implementation of simulation is emulation. So the software form of a simulator is a emulator in the computing world dictionary. In the computing world dictionary the only thing that fits for what wine is the word compatibility.

      Originally posted by duby229 View Post
      EDIT: Also what I find to be totally screwed up is the implication you made that you don't give a shit about duplicating the runtime behavior of windows libraries.... Astounding.... In other words although you call wine a compatibility layer, which is just another way of saying emulator, you don't give a shit about compatibility. With your mindstate I just don't see how wine will ever be capable of meeting Linux users needs. I don't see it happeing ever. Wine will always be a case by case basis in every single case permanently. That's so unfortunate.
      Pull back and look inside windows and look what it does in compatibility modes. You will find that Microsoft windows does not give a rats about duplicating run-time behaviour either. Only gives a rats about being compatible that applications in fact work. Microsoft uses the word mode instead layer it is the same basic stuff.

      There is a resources thing as well. There are a lot of functions that Microsoft developers of windows created that no application other than Microsoft test applications ever used there is also a lot of functions inside windows 10 that are basically no operation functions like wine stubbed functions.

      Microsoft does not provide identical run-time behaviour between version of Windows. Microsoft only promise computer world define of compatibility.

      duby229 on that page Xp, 2003, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8, Win10 is wine testsuite running on that version of windows testing stuff we know applications use. The wine test cases also include a list of tests that are disabled on particular versions of Windows so it does not crash windows.

      Microsoft only bothers about compatibility if you do a list of every exported function from windows dll compare between versions of windows you will find the newer version of windows will be missing functions out of different dlls that the prior one had. If no application has a error Microsoft classes this as acceptable if application reports an error about the missing function then Microsoft pushed out a patch fixing it. Most of this is found in the alpha/beta stage of windows. So the development pattern of wine is very much the same development pattern as Windows.

      Wine is called a compatibility layer because that is what it is. That applications work between different versions of windows is compatibility as well not any form of run-time behaviour promise if it was Microsoft could call their compatibility mode the title emulator mode..

      Really when Microsoft does not give a rats about duplicating run-time behaviour of windows libraries in Windows why should Wine.

      duby229 without understanding the terms you end up attempting to demand something of wine/reactos and others that Microsoft themselves don't do and will consume more man hours and slow development.