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Wine 2.17 Brings DirectWrite & Virtual Memory Improvements, OpenGL 4.6

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    Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post

    Now try it with RadeonSi or R600 drivers. The problem I'm seeing lately is that Wine compatibility is entirely done with Nvidia, which supports core profiles. RadeonSi and Nouveau drivers don't so some games just don't work. Especially DX11 games where core profile seems to be required. This is more of a problem with Wine than Gallium/Mesa drivers as Wine shouldn't be using core profile I hear. But I think it's unfair that all this Wine compatibility testing is done on Nvidia binary drivers and not the open source drivers that we advocate strongly here on Phoronix.
    You got it backwards, wine used to rely on compatibility profile instead of using core profile like a modern app should. But this has changed, support for core profile was added in Wine Staging 2.12, did you test with recent versions?