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Unreal Engine 4.17 Preview 1 Ships

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  • Unreal Engine 4.17 Preview 1 Ships

    Phoronix: Unreal Engine 4.17 Preview 1 Ships

    Epic Games has released the first public preview of the upcoming Unreal Engine 4.17 game engine upgrade...

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    Epic games really needs to get the Vulkan API out in the wild and have as many developers as possible moving to it. Not only does OGL have issues performing and running well under Linux with their engine, its a considerably road-block for many developers who might have released a linux port but decided against it because it was too much trouble.

    Unreal Engine 3 mostly works decently under Linux now but it has taken quite a while, for example when XCOM2 first came out it was quite a troublesome release performance and stability wise, it now gets a pass but not with flying colours.