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Linux GPU Driver Issues Are Still Holding Up Games In 2017

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    I really don't think gaming sucks on Linux. I just think it has a lot of room for improvement and that is coming from someone who games both in Linux and Windows 10.

    One thing that is a massive contrast is a game like Metro Last Light if you play the Windows version with all the latest Physx stuff oh man let me tell you it looks absolutely amazing 'while running flawlessly' they did a complete overhaul on it for windows, in Linux though it tends to be very bland by comparison. I conquered it on Linux though first.

    Yes we Linux gamers are in the minority. One thing that I have noticed and this goes all the way back to Doom 3's native port for Linux is in some titles the strange input jitter from the mouse while circle strafing or ark strafing around corners it is indeed present in Alien Isolation but if you compare it to consoles, consoles can even have a whole host of strange input odds and ends that can be a bother.

    Prey on PS4 has strange input things going on but yet I still play it cause I find it a compelling and enjoyable game. No matter what platform you choose there are always going to be buggy this or that. Blinking textures or a line here or the out of place pulsing in some corner or edge of a room on some piece of architecture.

    Shadow of Mordor still needs things fixed even in the windows version there are tiny pixels when tessellation is enabled.

    Peace out.


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      Originally posted by mbohun View Post

      again wrong; please do us all a favor and stop talking/commenting about things you clearly do NOT understand; For example Alien Isolation, Metro, etc. do run fine on my workstation with nvidia 1080 gfx, running openSUSE Leap 42.2, with the latest stable proprietary nvidia driver, however those games do not work/run on my intel i5-4200 laptop with intel HD gfx 4400 (running openSUSE Tumbleweed with Mesa 17.0.5 / OpenGL 4.5.
      That must be an intel driver problem then, because they work with the radeonsi driver which means the Mesa support IS there like i said. So maybe you should stop commenting on things you don't understand.

      I doubt anyone really tests the intel driver against those games - you'd get, what, 1 fps? Especially that one, which looks like a Haswell which just recently got 4.5 support in 17.0 and are nowhere near fast enough to run those games. There's not that much point for any of them, unless you have their IRIS gpu.
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        Originally posted by dungeon View Post
        My system running fine on linux if that linux is android
        Android is not a Linux. It's using heavily hacked Linux kernel which is also usually modified fit to be used only in a single particular device. Android's C library is completely non-Linux in origin (BSD)/custom-written and rest of the software in Android - Google's, contributor-written or Oracle's. Oversimplification but the point remains.

        Gaming on Linux.. It will never get widespread. Bunch of reasons. But explaining the chain of logic and reasoning would demand 30min of solid typing.


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          Originally posted by Master5000 View Post

          HAHAHAHA just look at the apologists. Until you learn to face the reality you are fucked. And the reality is that you are at 1% market share. You are a shit stain. Stop blaming others and accept that you are a shit stain because of your way of thinking. 1% means you are not right. It means you stink of shit!!!!
          Uh huh. Except i'm not apologizing to anyone or blaming anyone. That's actually what the other guy was doing.

          Heck, I didn't even claim the open source drivers were any good. I just explained how full of crap muncrief is and how totally wrong all his posts are.
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            Men, I've read the whole thread...

            Let me do an analogy for those who say that Linux is wrong:

            You are trying to eat a bowl of soup, but you are using a fork, then you complain to the chef that the soup is falling from the fork.

            The chef says​ to you that you are eating the soup in the wrong way, you definitely can use a fork to eat, but for soups you should be using a spoon.

            When you hear about the spoon, you say that you always used a fork to eat, you can eat rice, beans, steak, pasta, everything with a knife and a fork, the soup should act like all the others meals that can be eaten with a fork.
            Then you say to the chef that the soup should be thicker, like a gelatin, because soup is wrong, so that you can eat soup with a fork, like you always eat.

            That's how I see it, the API evolve, you shouldn't be using OpenGL 2/3 API with OpenGL 4 core profile.

            It is like complaining that OpenGL Super Bible 5th edition code samples doesn't work with Arch because it is using now deprecated API


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              You want gaming take off on Linux? Then, here is what it needs to provide compared to Windows..
              - better performance
              - better stability
              - widespread and easy (both hw/sw) tuning utilities, especially for graphics.
              - latest and nicest graphics supported

              With 1% desktop share you would have to LURE players away from "other" platforms, simply by being better. THIS would attract players and help Linux become major gaming platform. Underdog mentality and apologism works only on OS hipsters.

              As the GNU/Linux is now - potential gamers go right back to Windows, without looking back. And may easily have extreme prejudice towards Linux on top of it. After all, many tweak the shit out of their windows in order to have best performance and stability - often even experimenting switching between different Windows versions, combining those with a potload of driver versions, to test it out properly.

              LOL - and Linux apologists here assume that given kernel xx, gamer could apply patch y, z and get thing "sort of" workable. At 50% of the fps compared to Windows. Nobody cares about the reasons. FPS is low, drivers glitch, client is unstable - each of them is enough for a enthusiast gamer to switch right back to Windows.


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                Originally posted by birdie View Post

                Please remind me how many AAA titles does Linux get. 1% or less? I don't care about Indie games - I don't play them, but out of over 60 games that I've bought on Steam only 5 are available for Linux. Tell me more about gaming in Linux, please. I'm all ears.

                Oh and zero games that I own in UPlay and Origin are available for Linux. Amazing!
                sigh uPlay and Origin, thats your problem right there...