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Serious Sam VR Arrives For Linux; Our Linux VR Testing Begins Tomorrow

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    Originally posted by emblemparade View Post
    I wish there was a free game I could use to test this, but I'm not going to shell $40 for an Early Access game I don't even want. I'm disappointed Valve didn't port The Lab to Linux for this dev launch!
    Look at what Plagman said there a while ago:
    The Lab will probably come very soon.

    There's also Dota 2 VR Hub.

    Originally posted by zboson View Post
    I am super excited about this VR with Linux review! It would be cool to see what VR content is available for Linux. Does HL2 or Portal work with the Vive and Linux? What about Dota2? What about applications such as playing VR movies such as Whirligig or Virtual Desktop? Is there any news about Vive games on Windows that will be made for Linux?
    Look at the SteamVR Linux forums:

    There's a thread for making a list:
    Currently it's just these three apps (plus the tutorial that works up to where you have to press the touchpad), but with the unity plugin for linux available it will probably just be a couple of days until we'll see the first linux builds from other developers.


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      Michael, in other gaming news, gamingonlinux pointed out that SuperTuxKart is trying to make its way to Steam. You might be interested to mention this in an article, as they probably need every help they can find.

      I am quite interested in those VR tests, but I don't know any game I'm particularly interested in for now, and will probably wait quite a bit (a few years) before buying a headset.

      Are you planning to test multiple GPUs (not simultaneously, but say, R9 Fury, RX 480, GTX 1080, GTX 1060/70)?


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        I'd love to see some work with OSVR. Everyone's doing Vive and Oculus. OSVR is "almost there" now and is (mostly) opensource and somewhat linux friendly. Sadly the wider community seems to ignore it.

        I know it's a dev board but I think it deserves as much attention as the other sets especially in the Linuxsphere.