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    Originally posted by chimpy View Post
    Also Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition.
    There's a workaround for that. Even though technically not rendering correctly, it's certainly playable when using maximum quality settings especially for shadows (ironically, it's the lower-quality settings that will cause massive artifacts).

    As for the loader issue, which the workaround is for, it's the game that ships broken, it simply makes wrong assumptions about the OpenGL/GLX API.
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      Turmoil ( segfaults on start with Mesa 13.0.3 on LLVM 3.9.1 :

      si_shader:1[16746]: segfault at f ip 00000000f0b15ba3 sp 00000000eda59ac8 error 4 in[f0a96000+151000]


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        Firewatch freezes after several seconds, already in the main menu.
        This freeze is not a system freeze (Alt-Tabbing works), dmesg doesn't show anything special.
        I can kill the process without problem.

        To workaround this problem, start the game with vblank_mode=0
        Doing so I was able to complete the game without further problems,
        nevertheless this has to be fixed.
        Another note (less important):
        when I visualize CPU and GPU usage, I get about the following results most of the time:
        CPU: 55%
        GPU: 72%
        So it seems like the driver (or game?) needs to better utilize the GPU.

        SW/HW configuration:
        Fedora 25 (KDE) - Mesa 13.0.3 - AMDGPU - Linux 4.8.16 - RX480


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          For, me Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV freeze after a few seconds into the game. That is with mesa 13.1-dev via oibaf's PPA.


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            With the newest MESA 17 version of the Padoka (unstable) git all delay issues in Tropico 5, The Dwarves and Dungeons II have been gone on my system. That's really amazing and reduces my list of games with issues on page 3 significantly!

            But I have to launch The Dwarves with "MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.2 %command%" option because by default it runs at only 3-5 FPS. And also for Tropico 5 overriding the version with 4.5 remains mandatory. However, they run fine with these settings.


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              For me Hearts of Iron IV freezes too, even with low settings.


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                Rbdoom3bfg works fine on Mint 18.2 without issue, but after I install Padoka PPA it starts with digital corruption on the screen. No idea what's wrong. Also CEMU through wine doesn't work either. I'm using a Radeon HD 7850.


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                  Rocket League also has opening screen corruption but then goes away once the man menu appears. Also game will stutter and freeze for a few seconds into your first match, but once it settles down it's perfectly fine. RX480 + latest Padooka PPA.


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                    Originally posted by BangoMopar View Post
                    Rocket League also has opening screen corruption but then goes away once the man menu appears.
                    I had that too. Needed to keep a another program over the RL splash window to open the game to full screen. A minor problem though.

                    Originally posted by BangoMopar View Post
                    Also game will stutter and freeze for a few seconds into your first match, but once it settles down it's perfectly fine. RX480 + latest Padooka PPA.
                    This did happen when playing against real people very seldom but not against the AI, so i think it is a server side problem. Used Debian testing Xfce, latest Alex 4.15 wip kernel and Oipaf ppa Mesa with RX460. I sold my old computer and soon i will receive core parts of my new Ryzen 5 1600/RX560 PC and let us see how it goes then...RL with RX560 do have the same opening screen corruption. Saints Row 2 is more playable, thanks to the Ryzen cpu.
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                      New member here, but long time Linux user. I use Manjaro on a Ryzen 1600x with Radeon HD7970 (280x). Just today Manjaro was updated to Mesa 17.2, but still Dying Light is a problem, other games I own work flawlessly. Dying Light first complains about OpenGL 3.3 (says I have installed OpenGL 3.0 Mesa 17.2), then shows a blank screen with a loading bar across the bottom, then nothing. Quits.

                      I don't have many graphically intense games on Linux, but Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, Wasteland 2, SOMA, Rocket League and a few others are working great and equal Windows 10 performance. With Metro Last Light it is actually quite suprising to see how it performs today. When it first was released for Linux the performance with AMD was very poor (at the time it was propritary Catalyst driver), so bad that I would call it unplayable unless you cranked the video quality to minimum, which was very unfortunate because it was quite smooth under Windows. But today I honestly can't even tell the difference in performance between running this game in Linux vs Windows. AMD has come a long way, and it's only getting better.

                      As far as Dying Light goes, from what I can tell they only care about nvidia for Linux operation.

                      With Manjaro there is also an "AMDGPU-experimental" driver available, but I had problems with it when I tried, so back to the standard "video-ati" driver for me. The experimental driver has issues with vsync, display jitters and becomes corrupted, especially at 144Hz refresh rate. At 60Hz it works okay, but still has the jitters and I can't for the life of me get vsync to enable so it just looks tearible (intended).