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CryENGINE 5.3 Switches To CMake & Builds In PhysX, But Lacks Vulkan

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    Originally posted by sarmad View Post

    Snow is a game built with cryEngine. I am not sure you understood my question. My question is, does the cryEngine editor itself work on Linux?
    CryEngine != editor. It's an engine.


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      I guess when someone implements Nvidia proprietary solutions delaying Vulkan - an important feature working for all GPUs equally - at the same time it looks pretty obvious why, especially no one using PhysX in 2017. Really sad business still works this way ... since years.

      Crytek Employees Say They're Not Getting Paid -- Again

      At least they may be able to pay their staff now. Poor Crytek.
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        Hi everyone, I'm Cry-Patsy, and I work on the CRYENGINE team. I'd like to give a little context to some of the decisions we made for the 5.3 release.

        Vulkan: We looked at the state of Vulkan prior to branching for the stabilisation of 5.3 and decided that we weren't happy with its level of stability, so we delayed it. This is also the reason the release as a whole was delayed. This prioritisation of stability over new features is something our community have requested.

        PhysX: Alternative physics backends have been requested by the CRYENGINE community and licensees, so we started with PhysX. The PhysX implementation had no impact on Vulkan since there's no overlap in the people implementing PhysX and those implementing Vulkan.

        Linux support: Lastly, whilst the engine itself does run on Linux, our Sandbox editor doesn't. However, we've recently (i.e. three days ago) removed the old MFC-based editor to focus solely on the new, Qt-based one. Whilst there are still some modules that are dependent on MFC, these will be rewritten in Qt, at which point making it cross-platform becomes rather more feasible.

        I hope this clears a few things up.


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          Originally posted by Master5000 View Post

          Vulkan is stable enough. It's right there in the idTech 6 engine in Doom 2016. I have played it from start to finish using Vulkan. Works superbly.
          I meant we looked at the state of our vulkan implementation, rather than the state of vulkan itself. Sorry for the ambiguous wording.

          I also played Doom 2016 using vulkan


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            Good news. I guess I should re-evaluate CryEngine again. Are there plans to provide binaries or would I need to compile from source? Btw, last I checked the sandbox source wasn't available. Is it now?
            Unity provides Linux binaries, but its stability leaves much to desire. Maybe I'd fix some annoying bugs if only I had the sources..
            As for Unreal, each release means a few hours of compilation, but then it's pretty stable albeit slower than on windows (esp. compiling shaders).

            I wish all the good luck to CryTech. Frankly I don't see how you plan to compete with Epic and UT with the current business model, but I hope it works out well.