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With Wine Git, You Can Run The D3D11 Blizzard Overwatch Game On Linux

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  • With Wine Git, You Can Run The D3D11 Blizzard Overwatch Game On Linux

    Phoronix: With Wine Git, You Can Run The D3D11 Blizzard Overwatch Game On Linux

    Wine has long been working on its Direct3D 11 support, but it's not quite ready for major Windows games with the upcoming Wine 2.0 release. With some work that didn't make the cut for Wine 2.0, Blizzard's Overwatch game appears to be running well...

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    Oh WOW, that's for sure amazing! I'm curious if there're more DX11 games running now?!


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      I was craving for this.


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        err... latest wine git is wine 2.0rc1
        so how has the work not landed?


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          Awesome! We've been waiting for this, this is pretty big, a full featured DX11 game finally running on Wine.

          Do tell about the pereformance, can you get it running at a stable 60+fps?


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            Originally posted by davidbepo View Post
            err... latest wine git is wine 2.0rc1
            so how has the work not landed?
            Indeed, this is a bit confusing. The original post says:

            Matteo and Henri Verbeet have provided reviews for the patches. The main concern were missing tests and some implementation details. Andrew has submitted tests and an implementation for two sided stencil, tests for the primitive restart index and the return instruction in shader functions . These patches passed review and are already included in Wine git.
            Again, the patches necessary to run the game are not in Wine or Wine-Staging yet, and they won’t make it in for Wine 2.0. So don’t hold your breath just yet!
            Perhaps some patches made it in and some did not? Or maybe they're approved but queued to be pulled after the 2.0 is released.


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              Looking foreward to trying.

              If anyone tries any other DX11 games that would be great if they wouldn't mind sharing their experience.
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                Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post

                Fair enough, I think for your use is a little left of center compared to most users.

                It sounds like you might need a player you can tweak in CSS or something, or maybe even using a popular player and applying a unique GTK theme for notebooks only to that app?

                For Qt apps:
                env QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=adwaita notepadqq

                For GTK apps:
                env GTK_THEME=Arc-Dark:dark nautilus --new-window %U

                I think the autotagging support of MediaMonkey is going to be hard to match
                You may be interested in this: I dunno how well it does I ran into it a while ago but none of my music needs tagging anymore.

                Sync support with what? Sandisk? iPod? iPhone? Android Phone?

                For me personally I download the free NextCloud app and install a NextCloud on my desktop which auto downloads my music to my Phone when tracks get added. I then use nextcloud-client on the desktop to push the files to my NextCloud user account.

                Hopefully those leads help you, I wonder if Audacious has a theme more to your liking. Last I checked rhythmbox was good at multi-tagging manually, you could also try forcing font sizes on the Music App to increase list height - but my main consensus was the 1080p really isn't great for vertical programming or showing lists - that's why I upgraded to 43" 4k since the PPI density (about 110 PPI) is the same as a 1080p monitor but with 400% the real estate making that problem obsolete.
                .... I think you posted a reply to the wrong thread?


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                  Whenever I hear/read the word "overwatch", I can only think of XCOM.


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                    Michael typos: grapghics, multi-payer