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Linux Appears To Lose Some Gaming Marketshare With Valve's October Stats

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    Originally posted by ruthan View Post
    Its still same 1%, because there are notreally major improvements for user, progress is too slow.
    I suggest to look at benchmarks Michael provides. Improvements are all over the place, no other OS can claim this development speed.

    It's just that when you start from total shit (like 4 years ago) you need a bit of time to get on par with Windows even if you are rocket-boosting around.


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      On KDE Neon (Ubuntu 16.04), I had to delete a bunch of libraries just to get steam running. Then there's the fact that there are barely any triple A titles available, and when there are, they're often mediocre ports with performance issues. We can go on about the driver situation as well. It's no wonder most people are gaming on Windows. But why isn't the Apple share higher? Everyone I see these days owns a Mac. Are they all not gaming, or not gaming through Steam?


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        Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
        So, all distributions are half-baked wrecks while Ubuntu is the only one complete and friendly for an end user? How about you stop trolling?

        More trolling. PC is losing the people that don't really need a PC to do their stuff, it is not and it won't die. People migrating to mobile devices were in the very low end of PC market.

        Trolling again, as that's not the "community", that's people posting bullshit in forums.
        In forums you get raging flamewars regardless, on WIndows side you have the people raging about being forced to leave XP or about Windows 10's various issues.

        Finally something true and not trolling.

        For that matter, not even on NVIDIA drivers, and gaming isn't a "basic thing". Kinda trolling here too.

        Total score, 7/10, solid trollpost but you can do better.
        And then Troll-meter invented...

        Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
        that's people posting bullshit in forums


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          Linux gaming is a tiny niche of PC gaming, which is already a niche market, so it's hard to fault game developers who don't create a Linux port. At least Linux users are more likely to have gaming-grade hardware than Mac users (ie., gaming-grade Mac hardware doesn't exist).


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            Originally posted by verde View Post


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              I predict Linux usage on steam to be at least 70% + market share within the next 5 years. Why? Facebook pushes windows gamer's and developers onto the new Facebook Game room platform.


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                I think a major problem for Steam on Linux adoption, besides the fact that Valve didn't make a real effort to have AAA games ported to Linux, was the simultaneous dropping of AMD drivers from many distributions. I was really quite surprised, and as of today the vast majority of users with AMD graphics cards simply can't play games on Linux, or can only play a few in fairly crippled modes. I've spent days compiling kernels, usually with limited to no success, trying to get my $300 R9 390 card running, and it's certainly not a low end/old card. The fact is that most people can't compile their own kernels in the first place, and if they do certainly can't deal with the problems that can occur when things go wrong. It's quite disheartening. And sadly it looks like, realistically, this will be going on for at least another year. And by that time Linux Steam will probably be long forgotten.


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                  Have you tried vanilla Ubuntu 16.10 ? That has pretty new drivers and seems to work well out of the box for most users.

                  Originally posted by muncrief View Post
                  and as of today the vast majority of users with AMD graphics cards simply can't play games on Linux, or can only play a few in fairly crippled modes.
                  Can you be a bit more specific about the problems you are seeing ?

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                    Originally posted by Passso View Post
                    Not really, it is 0.04% drop on the overall users so in your example it equals 40 000.
                    Only if your base value is 100 millions.

                    For Tuxee's example of 1 million, 0.04% is 400.



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                      for gaming purpose i always rely on Xubuntu 16.04 x64
                      spec AMD a8-7600 running the latest driver from amd everything works fine except my oland card

                      it seems the latest radeon driver still does not support radeon Oland cards ~_~

                      back on topic: do not forget that business circle is about "CONNECTIVITY".