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Steam Dev Days: VR, VR, VR; Valve Looking To Contract Mesa Developers For AMD Work

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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    yes, i see your point of valve sponsoring work on proprietary nvidia shit, but i don't think valve will do it
    Right... which is what I originally said. Look who is repeating who now...
    complications will prevent development if you would not be able to get access to sources via nda or some other means
    No, they really won't. I already gave examples how that isn't true. If what you said was true, Microsoft and Apple would have crumbled 20 years ago, Nvidia probably would've died years ago, and we'd still be using floppy disks. Having access to source code is not a necessity for something like OpenVR. Obviously it helps. Having access to the source code would likely make it perform better too, but you don't need it. Tremendous things have been accomplished without source code or assistance by HW manufacturers. For something being GPU accelerated, OpenVR is relatively simple.
    i am getting feeling that i am pointlessly losing time with you, since i have to repeat trivial things several times. how fuck can't you understand sentence from article "help us get the open-source AMD stack OpenVR-ready"? they need driver developers to improve driver
    It's not my fault you get sidetracked by your own emotions. Half the things you're whining about were entirely a result of things you said.
    I'm aware what the article is about; what does that have anything to do with what we're discussing? I was questioning why only AMD was targeted by Valve, and somehow you lead us to nitpicking over things you claimed to say but really didn't.


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
      It seems that you have no recent experience of Nvidia Linux driver. On all our Nvidia cards what we have had, Nvidia Linux driver works without problems. We have/had GT 6600, 8400, GT440 and 750ti. I did sold my kids gt440 gaming pc and I am building new one using my A8-7600.

      The kid loves to play the Star Stable game, but on LG W1942T the amdgpu driver stack does not give any resolutions of the monitor and the game runs at 1024x768 when video settings are touched. And you have to be a software engineer to use amd open source drivers. .We need to switch the monitor to 20 inch and then the game works with the amdgpu driver without graphical problems. I tested with radeon and amdgpu-pro drivers, same problem.

      Nvidia Linux driver is as good as the windows driver, amd drivers are a far cry of it. Despite of of this I did buy rx460 for me, because I am a software engineer and Nvidia cards are pricey.
      Debianxfce on NVIDIA


      The sky is falling!

      The end is NIGH!

      We will all die screamingggggggg27424r6q8t18t8!!!!!