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  • Blender Game Engine Tech Demo

    Phoronix: Blender Game Engine Tech Demo

    For several months the Blender and Crystal Space projects have been working together to develop an open-source game they hope will be of a professional quality and deliver an industry standard 3D gaming experience. This game, now called Yo Frankie, was supposed to be released at the end of August, but that deadline wasn't met. However, released now is the first technology demo for the Blender Game Engine. This tech demo is playable and includes a small level from Yo Frankie, but to be released soon will be a more game-oriented demo that includes additional characteristics and game-play options.

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    It's almost done

    I just want to correct one thing of the article:

    There are two different versions of the engine, the CS and the BGE.

    The engine referred by the article is the blender game engine (BGE) which is the engine built-in blender3d itself.

    The other engine is the one based on crystal space and it has a beta version already on-line but it still needs a lot of optimizations and works on debug mode which make it considerably slower. This game engine is much better in terms of visual effects and should be considered as the main flag to take this project towards it's goal which is to deliver a game made with open software using blender+CS with the same quality of a commercial game.



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      You should add it somehow the Phoronix test suite!


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        btw.. version 1.2 of the demo is out, runs slightly better