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There Are Around 2,000 Steam Linux Games Available

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    Originally posted by SaucyJack View Post

    Seems to really depend on the engine used. Most games are ports, but unity seems to have the best performing linux games.
    I dont see there big win, i worked with Unity and is bigger mess than older engines, they ignoring lots of years old fundamentals bugs and architecture
    disasters (performance killers) and just adding new features, which is also half working, lots of never delivered promises..

    Yeah they still growing, because of there is zillions hobby and small unexperienced developers, but man whose is responsible for overall product quality
    is doing very bad job and this is probably reason why we still dont see any really big Unity3D game on market, only beautiful paid technology videos.

    Yeah there is Wasteland 2, but this game received really nonstandard treatment, support.. and to be honest, is not any technological marvel.