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Mesa & AMDGPU-PRO Appear To Run Fine With Rocket League On Linux

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    Originally posted by walmartshopper View Post
    GTX 970, 1440p max settings except motion blur and bloom, 100+ fps. No issue with fps being limited to 60. All three FXAA modes do nothing for me, but MLAA works. I've had one crash to desktop in the middle of a match, one crash to desktop when exiting to main menu (which is a known issue), and one hard X server lockup when exiting the game.
    same for me. last update fixed mlaa, but fxaa does still nothing on mesa/fury x. loading is faster except the options menu...


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      Originally posted by tomtomme View Post

      try a released kernel? or mesa stable?
      I tried the 4.7.4 kernel and didn't make any difference. As far as I know, mesa stable doesn't support polaris gpus. Just got mesa-git updates and Rocket League update and no improvements with either of those.

      Looks like amdgpu-pro may be the best way to go on RX 480 for now.


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        after some more tests i've found stock mesa to be the best solution for this game with mine R7 260X, and that's pretty strange since i'm sure SteamOS uses AMDGPU-PRO with bonaire chips and using that is a fucking crashfest.