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This is what Steam Box should do!

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  • This is what Steam Box should do!

    Today saw tech news that Samsung submitted patent for real time OS switching in its mobile phone. You can use both Android and Windows at the same time with just a finger swipe. This is not dual boot, but dual OS running at the same time.

    Steam Box should do in this way in order to fight with PS4 or XBO. In the bottom, it has a thin layer of Linux OS running KVM and hardware drivers. On top, it got Steam OS for play, Windows OS for work, Netflix OS for Netflix, Android OS for kids ... and unlimited OS can be installed and run simultaneously.

    1. Customers buy PS4 and XBO because it is simple.

    2. Customers buy PC because it is flexible and powerful.

    3. Customers buy Steam Box to get #1 and #2.

    And right now ...

    4. Customers use Steam OS to lose #1 and #2.

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    Umm, Samsung's demo wasn't of a phone running Android and Windows at the same time but of Android and Windows Phone. There's a big difference between being able to use apps for a desktop OS being installed on appx 90% of all computers and being able to use the similarly named mobile version installed on <1% of all phones with a declining market share.

    That said, your idea is a bit superfluous. What software is only available for Windows and commonly used in workplaces AND convenient/usable/a necessity to use on your TV? Who'd want to use Libreoffice or Thunderbird to type away and do their work from the couch when most Steam Box users don't even have a keyboard and only a gamepad?

    I've never heard of NetflixOS, do you mean the ability to play Netflix movies from your Steam Box? Just install Google Chrome and you can do it out of the box. Why would kids want a mobile phone OS on a TV?

    As for the ability to install an unlimited number of OS', it's already there. A Steam Box is just like any other PC apart from the logo and pre-installed software. Nothing prevents the user from installing virtualization software and any OS they like on top of it.