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Will Wright's SPORE makes customers angry (DRM inside)

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    Originally posted by deanjo View Post
    Attempted boycotts won't ever work, it's just not logistically possible to reach that many people that share the same view that it will make a real dent in their sales. You cannot measure people "actively boycotting" because for every 1 person that says they will not buy because of a issue there will be 20 others that pipe in saying "me too" even though they had no real intention of getting it in the first place and the publishers know that.
    That's true. For all the people in that case file, there's probably about 100 people that don't say anything compared to that 1 person that takes up an issue (and I know the given scale isn't accurate. at all).
    It's the same when people boycott the TV networks because they've killed a good show early on (*cough* Fox *cough* Firefly *cough*), it never really sticks because they release something good eventually (*cough* Terminator SCC *cough* (can you tell I'm a Summer Glau fan?)), and people that may have promised not to watch, watch anyway. The people that stick to their guns are so marginal and minor that it makes little difference (if at all).
    Still, internet news travels fast. And this is nearly the final straw despite EA increasing from 3 to 5 installs (whoo! giving us more install attempts! oh joy! oh rapture!).