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What Linux Games Are Most Important?

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  • What Linux Games Are Most Important?

    Phoronix: What Linux Games Are Most Important?

    Since the end of last week we've been running a thread in the forums asking what Linux games are most important to you? So far we've received a nice response, but we're still looking for additional details as to whether you mostly do your Linux gaming with WINE or an id Software title or what. Drop by the thread and share your thoughts...

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    Nexuiz =]
    Savage2 occasionally

    Planning on getting ET:QW when my newer system is more stable.

    I do play Counter-strike 1.6 via steam via Wine.
    I find using steam a bit of a pain, plus when it's stacked on top of Wine.

    I also use dosbox to play older titles such as:
    Carmageddon (Still my favorite game!!)
    Simcity 2000(DOS)
    Syndicate Wars

    Mind you I am using ubuntu and I do fairly often download random games from add/remove applications menu.

    Tuxmath keeps me from rusting
    GFCE Ultra is a must if you like NES games.
    I use also use ZSNES.

    Again, if the issues are resolved on my ATI rig with Ubuntu's 8.10 release I'll be a very happy camper playing ET:QW (Not a camping gimp)

    I have yet to find 2 copies of UT2004 for me and my roomate to play.
    UT3 would be nice.... but........ =/


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      TA Spring definitely!


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        Locking this thread so you discuss them @
        Michael Larabel