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OpenMW 0.39 Released As Newest Open-Source Morrowind Code

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  • OpenMW 0.39 Released As Newest Open-Source Morrowind Code

    Phoronix: OpenMW 0.39 Released As Newest Open-Source Morrowind Code

    OpenMW 0.39 is now available as the latest version of this open-source Elderscrolls III: Morrowind reimplementation...

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    Sexy radio voice is best commentary voice.


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      Originally posted by tigerroast View Post
      Sexy radio voice is best commentary voice.
      What region of Germany is he from? I'm trying to pick up on local accents.

      And good to see this bad boy till progressing. Wonder if Tamriel Rebuilt works with it.


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        Hard to tell if he's speaking English all the time, and a fluent one, too. Is there any part in the video where he's actually speaking German?
        Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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          Accent comes from the way you pronounce your words, not what you're trying to pronounce. Doesn't matter, was just curious.


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            Glad to see this project coming along, I'm one of the people who'd love to play this in it's finished state. Hope they get around to also implementing oblivion, that would be quite the huge feat (considering it's huge, and still active modding community).


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              Accents also come from who taught you how to say the words. You can pick up a southern US twang to English if you get the right (or wrong) teacher and source material.


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                I remember the early versions of this game which were unplayable.

                One of the authors of this project is currently working on Freeablo:



                The author made some changes in Freeablo, but this information is probably the most interesting for users:

                "Hey, so not much has been happening in the past month or so because work was pretty hectic for me and I had no free time to work on freeablo.
                The good news is that has changed. MP is pretty close to done, expect a proper video of that soon.
                Also, the forums were absolutely inundated with spam, that’s been fixed now, and hopefully won’t happen again, as I’ve enabled captchas for signup."


                Freeablo 0.4

                Closed issues:

                player starts with correct inventory
                refactor main.cpp
                sync of generated levels
                basic sync of player actor
                level generation for dungeon level 4
                melee combat

                Open issues:

                change player sprite according to what they have equipped
                refactor rendering
                NPC ai Feature
                actor stats required for combat
                sync of npcs in levels
                Basic multiplayer Feature