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AMD Catalyst Appears To Work With XCOM 2 On Linux

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    Originally posted by magika View Post
    And btw, game crashes on 361 drivers because game calls GL function without context, this is an undefined behavior and driver simply being strict by crashing there. But it says a lot about Catalyst, where everyone claims it following spec.
    If it crashes it does not mean the driver is strict. It means the developers never thought that would happen so they didn't properly treat that case. Being strict implies you actually treat that case by returning an error.

    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    I read an blog post yesterday from an nVidia employee where he essentially said that if nVidia's driver didn't deal with undefined behavior on a game by game basis then linux gaming, in his opinion, would simply not be possible.
    That is no longer the case. It was somewhat the case on Windows before steam appeared where updating random games was a hassle and it was easier to just update the driver every week. Steam on the other hand solves this problem so bugs should be fixed in the actual game not worked around in all possible drivers.
    There is also the issue with abandoned games. There, indeed, new drivers need to keep bug for bug compatibility with older ones.