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Steam On Linux Hits 1,800 Games Available

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  • Steam On Linux Hits 1,800 Games Available

    Phoronix: Steam On Linux Hits 1,800 Games Available

    This morning marks 1,800 Linux-native games being available via Valve's Steam service...

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    Been waiting for this day.


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      I'm down to Windows for only two games:

      Payday 2

      One of which is in progress of being ported to Linux and should be available in a few months hopefully.

      I hope this year we start to see that Linux percentage come up. I've gotten one friend to start dual booting as most the games he plays are note in Linux as are teamspeak and the other tools he uses.

      Now that the library for Linux games is there for all genres, even racing (thanks Codemasters!), we should start to see that Linux number rise. Problem is it's still a poor representation for usage. I am in Linux not 98% of the time for games and everything. I just reloaded Windows on a new ssd and installed Stream and of course that is where I got the survey.

      Anyway, I'm happy to be enjoying my huge library of games in Linux. Way better than the days of just Doom 3 and Enemy Territory.


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        Next goal is 2% linux users or some very big AAA titles.


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          Kind of sucks though that about half of those games are either 8 bit pixel games, which most don't even manage to be as good as the 8-bit games released in the 90's, or visual novels.

          We get a solid 100, 2010 quality, AAA games that span every major game genre and the platform will be really poised to draw in a large crowd.


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            Originally posted by mike4 View Post
            Next goal is 2% linux users or some very big AAA titles.
            Yup. Cross fingers and install a friendly distro to your friends


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              Originally posted by mike4 View Post
              Next goal is 2% linux users or some very big AAA titles.
              Specifically, day 1 AAA titles. I'm not particularly a graphics and production value snob, not that those things don't have value. I've generally found more enjoyment, on average, from indie games than AAA efforts over the last few years. That said, for Linux to become anything even approaching a competitor to Windows on the gaming front, it needs AAA blockbusters and released on the same day. AAA games coming out on Linux a year later or even just 3 months later are nice and all, but they don't help make much of a case for Linux as a gaming platform to mainstream consumers.


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                By the way I directly accuse all those bugs that makes Steam so f****ing hard to install on 64 bits distros.

                I put 1 whole hour once again, roaming all forums just to install it on Ubuntu 64bits.

                This is a shame :

                1) need to create an Ubuntu account to install Steam via the app store => bad, why?
                2) launch and update crash, basically because 32 bits graphical libs are not installed => VERY bad... what about dependencies???
                3) other libs had to be linked manually (yes, the 'ln -s' command) because those installed by Valve are obsolete => insane
                4) I had to modify the /etc/password.Let me repeat : modify /etc/password !! The last time I did that was in 2005 maybe...
                5) reboot (ok this one took 20mn of the hour because I was trying hard without this reboot...)

                Be sure that 95% of beginners who tried just gave up after 30mn of madness saying "Wow they told me Linux was cool and simple but it is still this complicated shit I tried 5 years ago. I just wanna play Team Fortress but don 't understand anything about it, let's double click on Steam for Windows"

                Will we ever get a fix for that??Because I am sure it costs Steam on Linux 1% usage!

                (please do not blame Ubuntu too much, Opensuse and Mint have the same #2 and #3 issues on 64 bits version)


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                  On Fedora 64-bits: install Fedy. In Fedy, install Steam. Done.


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                    On Kubuntu 64 just download the deb package from steam, double click, password and done.
                    If you use nvidia and have installed the driver by driver manager, 32 bits library is installed by default. In nvidia installer you have to answer yes when asked for.