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Steam Linux Usage Increases Slightly, Still Below 1%

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    Originally posted by Creak View Post
    I had my first Steam survey on Linux yesterday!

    But it seems weird though... I spent 5 hours on Windows (at work) with Steam and had already 2 surveys, and I spent around 150 hours on Linux with Steam and just had my first survey.

    I don't know, maybe I'm very unlucky...
    I've never gotten a steam survey on linux either. The way I understand it, it gets triggered when loggin into the service, so staying logged in doesn't help, but logging in more often does. I've been trying to trigger it by logging off at least once a day, so sooner or later it's bound to happen.


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      Well if they don't finally pull their collective finger out and do something about the dismal state of Portal 2 on OSX (, I guess I'll have to pimp up my desktop machine so I can play it under Linux.

      And yes, I only found the time to play it at all this month.


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        1% of total users? 1% from 215 millions will be 2.15 million Linux users. Enough users to fix all bugs and increase Linux quality.


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          Originally posted by uid313 View Post
          Linux users are good at testing, writing detailed bug reports, with step-by-step instructions how to reproduce bugs, attach screenshots, etc and are familiar with bug management and bug tracking systems such as Bugzilla, Launchpad and GitHub. Many have familiarity with debuggers too.
          If they did that, there would be a huge influx of people getting GNU/Linux just to play the betas, with most of them generating a large hate for GNU/Linux because they got frustrated trying to use something that wasn't Windows and they didn't know what they were doing. The vast majority would not be useful at all and would worsen the already bad view of GNU/Linux of the public.


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            Originally posted by HenryM View Post
            I wonder if linux users are being kept quiet until after steam OS in fully released. just imagine. "Linux is the fastest-growing gaming platform! user base jumped 2000% this month!"
            I honestly wouldn't be surprised. I have seen more surveys in a week on Windows (or at least I did, lost Windows 10 because my hard drive failed, but I'm not missing it) than in years of using Steam on GNU/Linux.