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Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?

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  • kaprikawn
    As a staunch user of the open-source driver, this is the benchmark suite that most interests me on Phoronix. Even though I knew the outcome before I read the article because I try AAA on my machine, it's nice to keep tabs on the viability of the FOSS drivers, even if it's to confirm their unsuitability for now.

    I hope that some day soon, the open-source driver becomes viable, even if it just through brute-force (e.g. after the Fury gets reclocking support). Even if there's a fairly unfavourable price/performance ratio, I'd consider dropping some cash on any card that could play 1080p/60 high settings on the open-source driver. Not because I'm some tin-foil hat Stallman-esque nutjob, but just because I like to see the progression of these things. It really interests me.

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  • duby229
    I don't disagree exactly, some points you make are spot on, other points are influenced by your needs that are unique to you alone. I know for a fact that steam has more games that can run on the OSS drivers than you benched. I personally would like to see a delineated list of games that can run on the OSS drivers. That way people can actually make informed decisions about which games they should buy. We all know the OSS drivers aren't done yet so a list of games that currently work is far more valuable. Of course that list would be a floating target so a community effort would have to be made to keep it updated.

    Something like mesamatrix except a list of games supported instead of a list of GL extensions.
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  • Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?

    Phoronix: Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?

    Over the past week on Phoronix have been several featured articles looking at the performance of SteamOS with the proprietary AMD/NVIDIA graphics drivers: 22-Way Comparison Of NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Cards On SteamOS, 4K AMD/NVIDIA High-End GPU Comparison On SteamOS, and Is SteamOS Any Faster Than Ubuntu 15.10 Linux? One of the frequent questions that have come up since then is how the open-source driver performance compares to that of the binary blobs on SteamOS, so here are some of those benchmarks.