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Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?

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    Originally posted by plonoma View Post
    There might be another exponential algorithm at play in Windows Update.
    Making your computer slower with each update.
    Actually, I'm quite convinced it's just NTFS itself that's simply inferior. Since I've noticed this kind of performance decay in Windows 7 and up as well. Even 8.1 started slowing down for me quite rapidly, when compared to the stable performance I'm getting out of Linux (using ext4). Additionally, it's not just during updates that it's decaying performance becomes apparent and the article in question does pertain to just updating slowing down to a crawl. Good article though; yet another point in favor of just dumping Windows XP altogether.


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      Truthfully, the answer here would be: Depends on your needs. Because mesa11.1 with kernel 4.3 is good enough for me, currently. I have an HD 7850 and a (relatively) slim wallet and am consequently quite accepting of not having bleeding-edge performance on all the latest, most demanding titles. Victor Vran/Witcher 2/Trine 1&2 perform quite well, and I'm far from done enjoying them. Alien:Isolation/Shadow of Mordor/Ark: Survival Evolved may not even boot, so if that's your kind of thing, Open-Source is a no-go indeed.

      Maybe the question isn't legit. Maybe it should be: how far can the Open-Source drivers push?


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        Originally posted by lvlark View Post
        how far can the Open-Source drivers push?
        How far they can be pushed, you mean? Configuration-wise -- Not very far. However, code-wise the sky is literally the limit, I would say. I am a firm believer in OSS projects and how they can be an example for commercial products; amongst chess engines, for example, the prevalent OSS product, Stockfish has a very high quality level of code that numerous commercial alternatives could learn a thing or two from in my opinion. Given enough time, the OSS driver stack has every bit the chance of being superior in every way to the commercial/closed source alternatives. As long as people do not lose interest in their development.