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Steam Linux Usage Went Up A Tiny Amount In September, Still Less Than 1%

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    Originally posted by humbug View Post
    I guess people use mesa drivers for ideological reasons, not for performance. A lot of people will only compare the open drivers to other open drivers, not to closed ones or to what the hardware is actually capable of.
    I wonder if AMD's openGL performance can ever become as good as it's directX performance?
    Actually when I used the oibaf ppa for the latest mesa drivers, that was the only time my ATI worked perfectly. But due to frustrating reasons I had to switch from ubuntu to debian, which does not have the infrastructure and number of active people working on the mesa libraries, so I installed the fglrx. And desktop usage is worse than crap. You cannot run steam under fvwm2 as this fucks up something with font rendering, making the whole thing slow as shit until I have a game fullscreen running.
    My voodoo3 used to perform better. And the mesa also performs better.
    I should test if my ION2 setup also is that crap with steam and fvwm2.
    Anyway: I buy ATI for ideological reasons. And I want to use mesa for speed reasons.