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    Originally posted by Ardje View Post
    Well, currently the biggest bugs is that a lot of my replies are unapproved, empty and removed.
    weird caching or delayed approval of big comments... Last time I looked comment #40 was not in the list while #41 was. That's confusing.


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      Originally posted by Ardje View Post
      I've got a 64 bit environment with and I have libc6-i386 installed, since libc6-i686 is for i386 arch and the i386 is for amd64 arch.
      Anyway: I fear the problem is not with the libraries, it's more with font rendering. If steam hasn't been started, the xterm are still slower than on a mobile processor handling the same resolution. But with steam started, but not shown, the rendering of the xterm is very bad. This was also the case with older chrome versions.
      The system time used by Xorg peaks to a continuous 95 % when I am just holding a key in xterm.
      So steam says something to Xorg that makes it barf on font rendering, probably something with compositing, chrome used to do that, but now doesn't.
      xterm is important for daily use, but with xfontsel the same problem exists. And I am just looking at a page without steam, but with the steam client running.
      Anyway: I start of with a 0.1BTC reward if you can correctly diagnose and report the problem upstream, and another 0.1BTC if you actually make it disappear (that is: xterm+icewm+steam and no other clients) with fast xterm rendering.
      BTW: another very thin window manager is xterm 8-D.
      Only if i can reproduce that slowness, but i can't ... i have two separate Debian Sid instalations, one is pure 32bit for testing and one is normal 64bit multiarched... i can only reproduce slowness on 32bit installation if i686 optimized libc6 is not installed, otherwise both are fine