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Valve Appears To Be Rolling Out Source 2 Version Of Dota 2

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    Originally posted by nightmarex View Post
    DOTA2's community is absolutely toxic and chuck full of Russian and Peruvians so unless your fluent in other languages this can be problematic. Strife was real fun when it was first in beta but sadly the elitism attitude soon followed and the community became less welcoming quickly. If you don't mind muting half your team or your opponents every match DOTA2 can be fine but the learning curve is huge.
    Well, I think you are talking about every online game ever made here. There are people of "questionable maturity" in every game and unfortunately Dota 2 is no exception.

    Game itself is very difficult but fun though.


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      Originally posted by Passso View Post
      Do you play HotS on Linux ? If so is it easy to install and has good perf ?
      I play mainly Dota 2 but I am interested into testing other moba-like games.
      I do.
      i5 4x3,2ghz, Ati 4870 (yeah, weird setup), Xubuntu 15.04
      Settings all low (i dont like pretty graphics in multiplayer-games anyway), 1080p, mesa drivers + gallium-nine results in 70-120 fps.

      Everything works perfectly so far. No glitches, no crashes. Really amazing considering the game is quite demanding/badly optimised (don't trust the 'official' system-requirements).
      If you can't use gallium-nine, make sure, you're using a CSMT enabled version of wine. I was playing the closed beta without the Ati-Card on my Intel HD 4000 (?) and got between 28 and 60 fps that way.

      I added a couple of native libs via PlayOnLinux which were recommended for SC2 (same engine). Not sure if they are necessary.