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UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"

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  • UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"

    Phoronix: UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"

    It's been 234 days (or just shy of eight months) since Unreal Tournament 3 had shipped for the PC. Most would have thought the Linux client for this title from Epic Games would have arrived by now, but sadly it hasn't and there is no sign of when it will arrive. Recently, Epic's Jeff "WarTourist" Morris has stopped by the Phoronix Forums...

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    Well, I've said it before. I'm more than happy to pay top dollar for closed source software and hardware both in terms of video cards and games in order to get the best experience and enjoyment possible. The PC version of UT3 is hovering at just under $30 online. If they had they're act together, they would have gotten more money out of me, but if it drops another $10 or $15 before they finally get it out, well, thanks for the forced discount <EDIT>Er, But I would like to add that I'm thrilled that there's word that they're at least still working on it. Better late than never!</EDIT>
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      I would pay full release price if they just put the Linux client in the box and Tux on the box.


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        I just hope they are not saying it's in development just because they are tired of hearing Linux users complain. I hope it really is coming.

        The Windows version has nearly no one playing at all and now they rarely release patches or new maps. The game is pretty much dead.

        Had they released the Linux client at the same time as the Windows version came out then there would have been a chance for this game to actually do well in sales.


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          I don't understand how "In the works" is any different from "We are currently working on a linux UT3 client". WarTourist's comments gave absolutely nothing new. Had he said it's X% done and gave a rough estimate as to when we would be able to actually see something then that would be an update.


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            So, it's "in the works" but "don't expect it soon".

            When it finally does see the light of day, will anyone care any more?


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              Last time

              For me it's the last time I will trust them to make good on their promise of a Linux client before one actually exists. I bought the Windows version in the understanding that a Linux client wasn't far off but now so much time later it just isn't worth it anymore. Even if a Linux client came out tomorrow the thrill of trying out a new game is gone. The fact that some are saying the game is dead on Windows as well only adds to the disappointment.


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                So, it's "in the works" but "don't expect it soon".
                yeah. keep in mind that phoronix announced ~5 times that amd's tcore utility release was 'imminent' ;-)

                applying that scale to 'in the works' i'd say we have to wait 2-3 years for linux ut3 :]


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                  It'll be released shortly after DNF 2 from 3DR is released.


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                    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                    Phoronix: UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"[/URL]
                    TuxGames has an "unconfirmed" date of the first week of next month. Perhaps it will show soon. I'm just not quite as keen for it now as I was back around Christmas time last year.