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    Originally posted by grigi View Post
    Thanks for the encouraging words and advice guys.

    me262, what do you mean by "working beyond your means"?
    Anything past a normal work week for where you live. Most places, that's forty hours a week, 5 days in the week. If they ask less hours per day and more days it's "okay" if they give you breaks now and again. If they ask for more hours in less days (Say four ten hour days...) that's okay too. It's when they ask 50 hours a week or more- and then expect nothing at all in return (EA's done this in the games industry...there's others in other industries...) either in time off that never expires that you can call upon at any reasonable time and breaks every so often in the overtime work being done. If not, you'll burn out eventually and you're doing work for them on YOUR time as it's not being compensated for.


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      Ah, ok.
      So make sure that my contract states that overtime (crunch periods) will be compensated for (in time or money), and limits on what they may reasonably ask of me.

      Right, noted.


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        Thanks for explaining Svartalf.
        Been reading the Schlock Mercenary archives from sundown to near-sunup (it's hilarious, but I'm not getting anything done now).

        My cousin found that he had almost no social life. He'd cancel weekly dinner, he and his wife would have dinner late (like 8pm late), and he was just too busy at work for anything.

        I'm guessing that if you have those overtime clauses in there in the gaming industry, you'll most like get slightly less pay overall, but come deadline (if things are falling behind), it'll work in your favor.
        I myself might say 40/55 hours. 2 additional hours each day, allowing 5 hours on Saturday. (I'm kinda teetering between that and 60 (a 10 hour Saturday, like the rest of the work week)),