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  • Originally posted by Aradreth View Post
    I would have thought the PhysX support for linux would be the same as for the Mac version or an ATI user under windows as both lack GPGPU support.
    Without hardware assist, the physics is "okay" with it, but with it, it actually does nicely. It might be, it might not. Considering that NVidia makes CUDA based physics accel available through PhysX, it might be that one could get the same story there. Failing that, one can do a good enough job of GPGPU through shader hacks that way and one could re-work the physics to one of the FOSS answers that's compelling.


    • @Svartalf: No updates since September?


      • Originally posted by Licaon View Post
        @Svartalf: No updates since September?
        NDA's have been signed on one title. Can't say more until we have the code access in hand for that one- it's a strategy game, though... Got a few more we're pursuing off the list and a couple that aren't on the list yet (Mainly because a couple of them are coups if we pull 'em off...).


        • hey Svartalf have you thought(and maybe this is old news but...) about supporting the linux effort on Ctp2 over at, and who knows maybe getting in touch with activision for a linux official release?
          (or maybe just helping their version become stable, out of pure linux devotion)

          maybe this is old news like i said, but if not...

          its a given i think.



          • IIRC Activision is a publisher in the "maybe" category right now,
            since they deal with a few houses that are pro-linux (iD comes immediately to mind), but we need a larger step to get talking, and that's probably step 4 of 5 in the grand scheme of things. I think we're nearing step 2 right now.

            0: Collect Underpants
            1: Make Linux a viable platform for gaming.
            2: Convince smaller companies to start developing for Linux.
            3: Convince larger companies to release games for Linux.
            4: Convince major publishers to release cutting-edge commercial titles.
            5: Bankrupt / Buy Microsoft Games and release their games on Linux.
            6: Profit

            Anyone feel free to add/change this list in case I'm missing things or you feel this list isn't in the right order.
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            • 2.5: get people playing games on Linux


              • Originally posted by grantek View Post
                2.5: get people playing games on Linux
                2.5 Get _more_ people playing games on Linux.


                • ALERT! Non-Deterministic Code Detected!

                  2.5 requires 2 but 2 requires 2.5 ...

                  or for gentoo freaks

                  [blocks B ] gamer/buy-linux-game (is blocking gamedev/make-linux-game)
                  [blocks B ] gamedev/make-linux-game (is blocking gamer/buy-linux-game)

                  !!! Problem with ebuild gamer/buy-linux-game
                  !!! Possibly a DEPEND/*DEPEND problem.


                  • You guys are hilarious! :lol:


                    • if this is all a response to my post... well,what i was talking about was:
                      at apolyton, they have the Ctp2 source(activision released it for them), and their own build because of it. also, there is a linux port there. it seems to not be so perfect, but its there.

                      thats why i made the post i made, so maybe if svartalf is interested he can help finish the port, and maybe even arrange something commercial with activision, OR simply help its development.

                      all of that depends on his time/will, etc...

                      so i was not talking about a maybe, but rather about a certainly.
                      the only catch is how exactly, and if so, truly.

                      visit apolyton and see it with your own eyes. ^.^