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  • Originally posted by Dragonlord View Post
    Hm... strange. HL2 doesn't work here, or rather, it works but the HUD is messed up. The gun is like 1 unit in front so you see the chopped off arm model and triangles race across the screen depending on where you look at.
    Ya I played HL2 right through the end without any issues as well.


    • Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      Well what is interesting to you is not necessarily interesting to others. NWN2, Left4Dead, EA Sports games, the CnC franchise, etc are all games that I like and work in wine. Hell even dosbox allows me to play Redneck Rampage
      Funny you mention redneck rampage, since it's probably Blizzard's new upcoming game.


      • "Achron is the world's first meta-time strategy game, a real-time strategy game where players and units can jump to and play at different times simultaneously and independently."

        Seems like they are open to porting to Linux:

        <quote from="FAQ">
        Q. On what platform will Achron be available?
        A. We are currently developing for the PC, but we did it with an eye toward porting to both OS X and Linux.

        Edit: fixed my XML


        • I'm not sure if these have been mentioned before, at least a quick search didn't find anything:

          Project Aftermath


          The Path

          machinarium (still in development)

          Fez (also in development)
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          • Originally posted by whizse View Post
            I'm not sure if these have been mentioned before, at least a quick search didn't find anything:

            Project Aftermath
            I bought Project Aftermath and had trouble running it in wine. I posted in their forums and Lee Hickey (their Programmer and Managing Director) contaced me and fixed the problem. He sent me a executable and included the fix in the next official patch.

            So being the friendly and cool guy he is, I doubt he would have anything against a linux port if it is something that can be done.
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            • Shadow Physics - It's still in early development, but looks damn cool.


              • not sure if this has been mentioned but what about Buccaneer? Its made with torque so its either tge which itself has a linux source tree or tgea which is now compatible with mac.


                • How about some racing games:
                  Richard burns rally Publisher Sci(might be eidos nowadays)
                  Flat out Publisher Empire interactive(


                  • Originally posted by tuke81 View Post
                    That was a fun game. Also the publisher (Empire Interactive) looks like it may be going down the pan ( Would this make discussion or rights acquisition easier or more difficult?


                    • FlatOut 2 is already on the list of maybes. I think it was ported to OS X by RuneSoft?