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LGP Introduces Linux Game Copy Protection

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    Originally posted by deanjo View Post
    1) lack of availability through legal means, a large amount of the gaming crowd simply do not have the means to order product online. Many of them are kids with no creditcard.
    Not a good excuse, really. I know that's the reasoning- but the reality is, the people pirating this way are perpetuating the problem. This is one of the OTHER reasons we have a hell of a time getting deals, deanjo.

    2)price. I know the justifications for the price but reality is people can't see value in spending $40-$60 for a game that's sitting in a bargin bin for $2-5
    We've went over this in other threads. And while I agree the price as a problem and their reasoning for lifting infringed copies, they're still making the problem worse. The "piracy" angle, I've tried to diminish it because it's a touchy subject in this space; and we seem to have a real problem. It's got to stop if we want to see better sooner. I don't care how- educate the people that they're contributing to the very problem they're "fixing" by pirating the stuff.

    3) being burned with the loki fiasco
    Excuse me... How did getting burned with a single company excuse this sort of conduct? And, I honestly and SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone that was using Linux in the days of Loki's existence would be pirating anything- they know PRECISELY what's at stake in most cases, and wouldn't be ripping people off. The people doing the pirating seem to be newcomers to the Linux community and don't get that this isn't just a "free" (as in no cost...) alternative to Windows.

    I'm sure sales would be a lot better if the availability of the product improved and prices were within what people consider an appropriate price.
    I'm sure that the availability of the product would improve and the prices would come down if we could justify selling 10k units or more like the Windows crowd gets. You're not going to SEE that with the piracy going on. This isn't a charity- and someone taking something they didn't pay for doesn't help get better things for you.
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      this seems to be really stupid, if i have to remember keys for each game it may not be worth the trouble.

      Also, if one needs to be online to play non-internet games, its just too far.

      Under these conditions, i'd probably only buy the game if a crack is available.


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        Originally posted by Redeeman View Post
        this seems to be really stupid, if i have to remember keys for each game it may not be worth the trouble.
        I don't wholly agree with his choice- but you have to do that with Windows titles, don't you? Are those games not worth the trouble?

        Also, if one needs to be online to play non-internet games, its just too far.
        Unless you install in the right way, Steam limits you in much the same manner- you have to be online to play single player. What is the difference there?

        Under these conditions, i'd probably only buy the game if a crack is available.
        Be careful making remarks like that.


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          Unless you install in the right way, Steam limits you in much the same manner- you have to be online to play single player. What is the difference there?
          Not playing games from Steam. Simple.


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            I hate stupid copy-protection checks as much as the next guy, but I fully understand this decision.

            Linux needs the gaming mindshare. Getting rid of copy protection of games will (maybe) be a later battle (just like DRM'd music -- just now some sites are coming to their senses and selling no-drm'd music, maybe in some years we'll have that for games?).

            Anyways, I always thought that valve for example had it very right with half-life. How many people I knew that purchased half-life to play counter-strike because working around the protections was impossible (er... afaik, =D), and the game was selling for about 15?, so why all the trouble, just buy the game.

            So, good luck!


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              Originally posted by curaga View Post
              Not playing games from Steam. Simple.
              Heh... No problem. Believe me, I understand and appreciate the position. It's much like the one I've about Linux titles in general (See the other thread's response to you...)- unfortunately, others have taken this out of our hands, and I don't mean the people doing the protection, either.

              Blame the people infringing the LGP titles and blame the studios/publishers of the Windows stuff (because that's been a criteria in some cases...).


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                It's only my personal opinion, but I think they'd get even better response from the gamers community if they did what some game companies do, that is promise to release a no-key (or no de or whatever) patch after a while (after the game stops selling well, after 1 or 2 years, or even after they stop selling it).

                Egosoft do that for their games, and since LGP is porting X3 at the moment, it could make sense. They could even re-release platinium editions without any protection (but surely they don't sell that much copies ).

                Gamers would feel far more comfortable knowing they'd be allowed to play hassle-free the game they bought after a certain period has elapsed, and that shouldn't have any effect about piracy.

                The ones that are on a crusade could of course wait for the protection removal tool to be released before they buy the game, instead of not buying anything at all (and not downloading it, and not playing it, which doesn't bring money to the publisher's either - I know I stopped buying Windows games AND playing them altogether, and sadly I'm not really attracted by what LGP has to offer at the moment, but that's not entirely their fault. Still no good racing games for Linux ).


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                  So it boils down to buy the game, and then get a crack for the protection shit and be not bothered by it. And everybody is happy


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                    Frankly speaking I think an authentication procedure that requires an open internet connection sucks - especially for a single player game and basically for any game that does not require an internet connection for playing purposes. What if I wish to play the game on my notebook while travelling? I really do not intend to get myself a mobile broadband card like UMTS since it costs a fortune (at least in Germany it does). An no, I will not use my mobile phone via GPRS to acitvate a game each time I like to play a computer game away from home.

                    If I had planned to buy the game - which I luckily did not intend to - I would change my mind right now. And I will definitely not buy any future games published by LPG if this systems prevails.

                    My 5 cents on this topic...


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                      Has to be done

                      Just joined the forums, and not just to post to this thread Only started checking Phoronix recently, well done on a great site.
                      deanjo, I agree 100% with your earlier post. The distribution network just isn't there for linux games and a bargin bin MS version versus top whack for a native linux version is a real killer.
                      As for the protection, it has to be there. P2P is huge and will only get bigger in the near future, big games companies are hurt badly by copying so small ones stand no chance. Also, LGP are porting other companies work so they probably have no choice for many games.
                      If the protection is done in an unobtrusive and (preferably) one-time basis then it really isn't an issue. On the other hand, if I ever have issues with the copy protect after the initial install then I will avoid that developer in the future.
                      The net based verification is all well and good, especially for net focused games, but there are still a lot of folks with little or no internet. I'm from Ireland and only have 56k pay per minute available in my area. A friend bought a 3000 euro gaming PC in Jan and spends around 800 euro a year on games, last year he returned a little over 200 euro's worth of games because an internet connection was needed for copy protection. Not a huge number but a very real one, 2 other games had a phone registration option and he was happy with that.
                      And as for games that stick 6 gigs of data on the hard drive and still expect the DVD to be in the drive, shooting is to good for them...
                      LGP, please don't spoil this one and please please try and get shops distributing your goods (mainly GAME here). I have been waiting to pick up X3. I tried the demo of X2 and had a few issues with it but if I could have called into a shop, handed over some money and gone home with it I would have done so happily.
                      Sorry for the long post,
                      EDIT please make it work with KDE's wallet and similar pasword managers.
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