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    I would like to know how you carry out your tests of graphic card ?
    how made you of the benchmark with serious Sam 2 or quake4 ?

    Thank you for all

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    At Phoronix we do not presently use Serious Sam 2 for benchmarking.

    Quake 4 demos can be recorded using the command recorddemo <demo-name> and then to play the demo for benchmarking, timedemo <demo-name> can be used. For accurate results, it's recommended to run the demo at least twice.

    At Phoronix with post-Quake 4 v1.2 the demo we use has been recorded Air Defense Bunker (the first map). Purification Center is another level we have used in the past for benchmarking.
    Michael Larabel


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      Thank you very much Michael for your answer

      I will test for quake4.
      You know it procedure for ennemy territory or other linux games ?


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        The time demo we use for Enemy Territory was recorded on Railgun map and can be downloaded from Place that map in the main Enemy Territory folder then demos. From the console:

        timedemo 1
        demo railgun

        The benchmarking process for Doom 3 is the same except we use the included demo1 for that.

        timedemo demo1
        Michael Larabel


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          Ok thanks michael, i go test all


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            Originally posted by Michael View Post
            At Phoronix we do not presently use Serious Sam 2 for benchmarking.
            I am puzzled... why not? Isn't there a Linux Serious Sam 2 client? Last time I checked it was beta or something. Would be interesting to see numbers, wouldn't it?


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              i tested games with your advices.
              it's here (in french).