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Penny Arcade game to be release on 21st

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    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    (Keeping in mind, I'm not speaking for LGP here, only myself...)

    You DO realize they have DRM in it, don't you? If your hardware profile changes, it seems to detect it
    (it said I wasn't properly registered right on the change from a PIV to a Core Duo with the only thing
    being the motherboard and CPU changing..) and that it needed to re-authenticate. It did so quickly, but
    I don't know if they check this via online or not. But, boys and girls, that IS DRM.

    This is not to tell you this to keep you from doing this. By all means, if you want to buy it, do so.
    But, if you do choose that, what makes this any different than what LGP has done?
    Pfrrtt, I don't care that much. Anyways for that price and quality it was of course worth playing, at least that DRM thingy doesn't want me to be online to play it, even when I bought it online.

    Well, we'll see how LGPs online DRM stuff turns out when it's out. If it's really that bad compared to a simple CD-Key authentication or something similar, I don't need to buy there games, if it's not, we'll see