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Battle for Wesnoth 1.2 released

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  • Battle for Wesnoth 1.2 released

    After more than one year of development a new stable version of the Turn Based Strategy game Battle for Wesnoth is released. If you enjoy TBS games with a fantasy theme, have a look at and read the release notes. There will soon be binaries for most popular distributions and the sourcecode is available for download. The game is licensed under the GPL, including all images, music and whatever is shipped in the tarball.

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    I am not much into those types of games (me like first person shooters), but Wesnoth does seem to be a popular foss game.

    good find, hadnt heard it met 1.2 milestone


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      No wonder that you had not heard about the milestone since I did put the news paragraph and the announcement onto the Wesnoth homepage about half an hour before making that post in here...


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        Are you a Wesnoth developer or what is your position?
        Michael Larabel


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          In general I am internationalisation manager for Wesnoth and work for the german translation as vice maintainer and translator. It also looks like I am doing some kind of part time release manager job. And I am sometimes taking care of the website, the forum and the campaign-/mp-server. So I am rather involved in that game. Not as Coder but as Dev in general. Oh, and I am maintaining a (very small) mainline campaign. Just have a look at the credits to find my name at some places and feel free to visit the irc channel #wesnoth on

          Before I forget to do so:
          We are looking for people to help improve Wesnoth. We can need help in any area of the game, just have a look at the news about the release of on the website. So if you want to help, just come to our forums or into the irc chan.


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            This is a great game... I used to play it more than recently, but it is always a default game to install in any new system I use. I'll be getting this new version installed and checking out all the latest changes.


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              Okay, I just released Wesnoth 1.2.2. It features extrem performance improvements and many other changes. Have a look at the announcement in our forums, read through the changelog for 1.2.2 or just ask your fafourite package manager if there is an update available. Have a look at the Linux Binary page for some infos about the packages for the different distris. The package is ready for Debian, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD and probably several others, too. *ubuntu users can use the normal debian binary, it will work like a charm. No idea about Fedora. If the package manager contacted me I would inform him about releases like I do for the other packagers (Debian, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD).


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                Any chance of getting some built-in benchmarking utility into Wesnoth?
                Michael Larabel


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                  We do have some kind of benchmarking but probably not the way you would use it on the website. The only thing we use our "benchmarks" for is to determin the impact of single changes. No idea if any of these benchmarks are really usable for phoronix comparisons.
                  And you would have to keep in mind that it would *not* be a graphics card benchmark, currently all the work is done by cpu and in the matter of frames we do have an upper limit of 100 fps. To get an idea about what we currently have, take a look at a post in our forum:
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                    Wesnoth 1.2.4 is now officially released. Here a very short list of some of the important changes/fixes:
                    * Fixed several savegame/replay/recall list issued (not listed in the changelog but fixed)
                    * Fixed Ethiliel not showing up in the scenario "Vengeance" of TSG, now the scenario can even be finished...
                    * Fixed several smaller mem leaks
                    * Ported safe Python from 1.3.x, so you can no longer use import, builtin statements, or access to internal variables in AI scripts
                    * some smaller graphic updates
                    * translation updates (eg Bulgarian is now complete)
                    * many other small fixes and some map updates

                    Have a look at the announcement for some more infos and the download links. Most Distris should be updating the version in their rep shortly, *ubuntu users should get the debian binary since these dudes seem to not update pacakges anyway (the version on their mirrors is still 1.1.8, that is from about 1 year ago and was an *unstable* development release).