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  • LGP To Start Work On Another Game

    Phoronix: LGP To Start Work On Another Game

    Linux Game Publishing is still in the middle of porting X3: Reunion and Bandits: Phoenix Rising to Linux, but they soon will be starting work on another title. This game coming to Linux, however, still isn't known...

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    I was all set to use some poisson interpolating algorithms, but they are too smart. They filled the missing pixels with noise instead of black.


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      lol this picture makes me mad. You can see everything and you can see nothing, but every hour or so you're able to recognize one more shape.
      There's a white ball on the lower right corner and a black on on the top right corner.
      In the bottom left corner there's this something that reminds me of a street and I just saw that there could be some text to the left of the white ball.
      Also, in the white ball there are written three letters (LGY?) and a fourth one, an S, is right next to the right of it.
      That was everything I see so far without doing any speculations, I have no clue

      EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot that there's an arrow which points to the "street"


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        The white ball is the LGP logo, and is probably covering up the game's name.

        I was able to distinguish some things, but I've been a bit out of the loop of new games, so It didn't remind me of any I know.

        (Also it seems to me that there's a kind of dinosaur/godzilla-like creature in the middle, but it could be just my imagination =D).


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          Oh well, if I had spent more that 2 seconds on LGP itself I'd have recognized that xD
          Don't know where you see a godzilla, however on the top left I think I see a smile, i.e. the top left "ball" is a head
          Still doesn't make any sense to me yet though.


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            I think you have to turn it by 180?. It looks like it starts with "S" and looks like a strategy game with fire in the top-left and water in the top-right. On the bottom-right there's a minimap or something like that. I have some ideas but will wait a bit... oh and you have to download the image so you get the full 1280x1024 image, then you see things much better, and go as far away from the monitor as possible.


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              i was thinking along nwn2 , but it's hard to tell exactly for now :]


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                Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
                i was thinking along nwn2 , but it's hard to tell exactly for now :]
                One could only wish. It would be nice if LGP could match at least Aspyr with their game offerings on the Mac.


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                  Hmm, to me it does look like some sort of screeny from an RTS. Anyone else see some sort of boat in the bottom left corner next to some water?


                  Kinda a wild guess, but does anyone think it may be one of the Battle for Middle-earth games?
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                    By looking on the parts of the logo that we see, I think it might be an RPG comming this year Q3/Q4.