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    icculus "patch"? What patch would this be? I don't remember Ryan hosting any patches for NWN on the site...
    sorry i meant the icculus Raven installer.

    I followed your advice and did a fresh install as per the nwn website instructions.

    I tried the 1.69 beta patch install and an install with just 1.29 with the base 1.29 files (dl from nwn website)

    After removing .lib i get the same thing - whenever i turn sound on as soon as it get to npc dialog it crashes. [segfaults]

    game runs perfect with sound disabled.

    should i try installing pulseaudio

    thanks for all your help Svartalf


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      i got it wrking with the 1.68 standalone patch - i dint realise 1.69 would play up


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        Originally posted by hmmm View Post

        I've got nwn installed on gutsy - using the icculus install wizard and the 1.68 patch. As soon as you approach Pavel (the very first NPC) and he tries to speak the game crashes.

        Using "no sound" allows the game to work perfectly fine - albeit without sound.

        I'm running an 9500 se with cat 8.2 (hats off to AMD and DELL for no longer having to manually build and install the DEBS!!) and have have an abit an7 (nf2 chipset)

        Any idea how to go about getting sound working in this game???
        I'm guessing you have the Atari 'Heroes' budget edition of NVN, the paval related crash is due to missing files that were not put on the instalation CDs. You can get more info, as well as a patch that will fix the problem, here.