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Unreal Engine 4.8 Adding SteamVR Support

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  • Unreal Engine 4.8 Adding SteamVR Support

    Phoronix: Unreal Engine 4.8 Adding SteamVR Support

    Next week Epic Games is expected to ship the first preview version of Unreal Engine 4.8, which will come with SteamVR support...

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    Valve is releasing SteamVR (the software side) updates like crazy at the moment. New update every few days. Just yesterday, they added full Linux 64-bit support. I am definitly more interested in SteamVR than Oculus at the moment, even though I had no problems developing two projects with the Oculus DK1.


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      Great, hopefully we get also the missing launcher. To copy over examples from windows is...


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        So far unreal has only support for windows in the steam vr plugin:
        Maybe they will add linux support before the release, but come on, look at this:

        So far SteamVR's unity plugin is only for windows and d3d11:!/content/32647

        So far unreal's oculus rift support is not for linux:
        (Someone from the community actually has enabled linux support and looking at the commits it's actually very little work, that both epic and oculus didn't want to do:

        So far there is no oculus rift unity plugin for linux, supposedly they'll release it with the next SDK release (the last one was over a month ago).

        Stop being excited. We're going to get AAA VR support much, much, much later than everyone else.
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