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Xonotic-Forked ChaosEsqueAnthology Sees New Release

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    Originally posted by directhex View Post
    You, Alientrap forums, 2007.

    They're an unhinged shitweasel, as well as a terrible developer.

    "How to handle rape then? It is my opinion that the Bible has a good answer, an answer that I totally agree with:
    If a man rapes an unmarried virgin girl he merely has to marry her (the Bible also states that he is to pay her father some money (about 1.5 pounds of silver, $150 about)) and keep her forever. Forever as an obedient and subordinate wife of his (one of many perhaps)."
    Is this true? Does the Bible say that or something close to that effect? If so where? Is there a specific book within the Bible that has such things written?

    If the Bible does or does not say that (please enlighten us), ... why was this article taken down either way. Does the Bible saying something to that effect or not saying something to that effect weigh on the licensing of this fork of Xonotic (ChaosEsque)? Does it reveal any sort of plagiarism or asset stealing? Why was the article removed?


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      Originally posted by directhex View Post
      Maybe the site owner was warned about who the guy behind software he was promoting was, and he decided not to publicise software by a rape advocate.


      Maybe you could write a shitty perl script instead, I hear those are your area of expertise?

      It's not enough for something to be apparently okay in terms of licensing. See also Joerg Schiling's software being excluded from Debian over him being a shitweasel. See "Unteralterbach", a freely-licensed visual novel about child rape which someone proposed for inclusion in Debian.

      Being a shitweasel is enough to be blackballed. Sorry (actually lying, not sorry in the slightest).
      Debian switched to systemd after being taken over by a specific clique of people, Debian is not a good example for that same clique of people to use, other than to show "what happens" to their opponents. The IRC channel of Debian used to be lively for almost all the years of its existiance. Now it is largely silent. Debian has abandoned the concepts of freedom, choice, and merit. Emails containing the string "systemd" were silently dropped during parts of the debate period, for instance.

      Pertaining to ChaosEsque There are no incorrect licensing of works in the project. The project has substantial amounts of new content and capabilities that are not found in other opensource games as-well.
      So this removal of the article is about Social Justice and you people who run this site are Social Justice Warriors?

      Are the members and/or owners of Phoronix enemies of the ChaosEsque project? Is there something they dislike about it? Are the mebers and/or owners of Phoronix enemies of a particular person or group. Is there something that person or group should do about that. If anything should be done, should this be done to that person or group or, conversely, to the enemies of that person or group?

      Can you please tell us about these accusations that the Bible allows rape somewhere within its many pages (a collection of many separate books).

      It seems you have a personal problem with someone, from the hard-to-decern tone of your writings. Could you state a time and place where you wish to meet to bring these problems to a resolution.

      Could you also show us the project you work on so we may decide if you are "poison" or not and whether, separately, your projects are "poison" or "not poison" based not on your opinions or personality (or should we base this decision in whole or in-part on your stated views and/or personality?)

      What are your feelings on ReiserFS and whether it should or should not be ripped out of the Linux Kernel based on the actions of Hans Reiser (and does the Bible or some specific book therein allow or command Reiser do do what he did (kill his woman after she had relations with a man not him)).

      Have you Downloaded and played ChaosEsque Anthology fork of Xonotic?

      What is a shitweasel, it has a squiggly line under it in this entry box. It sounds like either libel and/or fighting words. One needs to know what it is before it can be ascertained as to what. Is it a word created out of whole cloth by Social Justice Warriors. Would you like to stand infront of me, and to my face call me this? What do you think I would do to you if you did that? Would I do anything? Something? Would I be imprisoned after we met? Why or why not?

      The opensource movement, prior to 2009, was not infected with Social Justice Warriors who seek to destroy those people who are opposed to the SJW beliefs by excluding them from Jobs(USA,UK,Europe), Society(UK,Europe), Life (Afghanistan, Yemen).

      Now it is.
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        Originally posted by Calinou View Post
        Why do you even post this? It's likely filled with lots of illegal art.
        No it is not.
        This is libel.

        Time and place. You and I.


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          Originally posted by gsmith View Post
          Time and place. You and I.
          Famous last words.

          Can't wait to hear you torture your youtube fans again (too bad there aren't any). Darn, you went to 8chan this time to make new friends. I'm pretty sure we would appreciate a song there, too. Or one of your famous drawings! Just use an account, please, to make it easier to find them.